40 TB for $4k

I was working with one of my clients a few months ago making our project plans for the year when we hit the topic of storage. »

Theme for 2015

tldr: My theme for 2015 is Communication. A few years ago, I came to the realization that New Years Resolutions are terrible. A year is simply »

2014 In Review

What happened with me in 2014? Well, a lot. I closed on the new house I built, changed jobs, bought a new car, and began on »

Whiteboard Image Optimization

My Twitter Feed featured a nifty looking whiteboard cleaner as a gist, which I shared with some other friends. Unfortunately, getting ImageMagick installed isn't always a »

AWS SQS Emulator in Ruby

SQS is a simple, reliable queing service offered as part of Amazon's web services. It's really not a bad queue at all, but it has very »

Check Update Updated

A while back, I wrote a nifty couple of scripts that would neatly & consistently format your apt-get or yum pending updates for easy reading via »

Chromecast Review

Caveat Emptor: This device is designed for a specific usage pattern that happens to align well with how I intend to use it. That doesn't mean »

My Deploy.rb

If you don't deploy to a PAAS like Heroku, chances are you're deploying your Ruby & Rails applications with Capistrano. Getting Capistrano up and running can »