Alex Conner

Alex Conner

My Thoughts on Mastodon

This blog isn't monetized, so I'll cut to the chase. No, I don't think Mastodon has a chance in hell of replacing the mainstream social networks. The average person doesn't care enough to

IndyHackers Planet End of Life

Following Heroku's unceremonious announcement of the end of free services effective September 28th, I have updated the readme for the IndyHackers Planet repository announcing the end of the service to coincide. If you

The State of Email

I run my own mail server. I'll pause while you recover from that news. So, why do I do that? Well, I'm a little extra, and I need to. More than that, I

2022 Thor Tellaro L 30-Day Review

First off, some text for the search engines. The Tellaro also goes by the name Sequence, which has different cabinetry colors. This difference is because LazyDays sells the Tellaro and CampingWorld sells the

Why I bought an RV

In 2021, I finished the conversion of a Dodge Grand Caravan into a lightweight campervan which I used to visit all 32 of Indiana's state parks and lakes. The original goal was to