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Mounds of Fun and Summit Lake

Mounds of Fun and Summit Lake

Finally, a break in the weather again! I chose Summit Lake because it was advertised as having hard-packed trails and we'd just had a super rainy spell, and it was a perfect fit for the day.

Trail 3 at Summit Lake is a nice gentle trail along the lakeshore with plenty of twists and turns so you could do it several times and not go exactly the same way each time. Its trailhead is conveniently located next to some great picnic facilities as well, so take advantage of that while you're there. I then did a hybrid of trails 1 and 5 before heading off to Mounds for a dinner picnic and a short hike of parts of trails 4 and 5.

Both parks were well maintained and had great facilities.

Summit Lake Trail #3 - Alex Conner’s 0.5 mi hike
Summit Lake Hybrid Trails #1/5 - Alex Conner’s 2.7 mi hike
Mounds Hybrid #4/5 - Alex Conner’s 0.7 mi hike

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Jamie Larson