World Autism Awareness Day

First off, thanks for clicking through to read this. I know you're getting inundated with stuff about this topic, and I appreciate you taking time to read an #actuallyautistic perspective on what this

An Introduction

I sort of already started on this project, before I really fully nailed down the goals and expectations. But that seems to be the way things go with me these days, so I'm

Electrical 2.0

Ok, I have a good idea of what I want in a final electrical solution. It needs to be reliable, flexible extensible and it needs to have enough capacity that I don't have

Electrical Solutions?

Ok, so the simple setup I started with fell flat []. I'm a natural-born problem solver, and this is a problem I'm fully qulified to solve! So, what did we

Electrical Challenges

Back in Starting Electrical [], I wrote about a simple solution to getting some power deployed in my van. This was excellent, as it gave me the ability to practically