Tales of how not to build a minivan conversion.

Why I bought an RV

In 2021, I finished the conversion of a Dodge Grand Caravan into a lightweight campervan which I used to visit all 32 of Indiana's state parks and lakes. The original goal

Electrical 2.0

Ok, I have a good idea of what I want in a final electrical solution. It needs to be reliable, flexible extensible and it needs to have enough capacity that I don'

Electrical Solutions?

Ok, so the simple setup I started with fell flat [https://codatory.com/electrical-upgrades/]. I'm a natural-born problem solver, and this is a problem I'm fully qulified to solve!

Electrical Challenges

Back in Starting Electrical [https://codatory.com/starting-electrical/], I wrote about a simple solution to getting some power deployed in my van. This was excellent, as it gave me the ability to practically

WAN On the Run

Disclaimer: You probably shouldn’t do it this way. This way of getting Internet on the road is complicated, expensive, and genuinely overkill even for my needs. For more information on what reasonable