Tales of how not to build a minivan conversion.


You can’t sleep in it if it doesn’t have a bed… In a minivan conversion, you really can’t do anything until you decide on the bed situation. The bed is

Starting Electrical

I’m not sure what size electrical system I need. Back of the napkin, and with my personality, I feel like 200W of solar, a DC-to-DC Charger, and 400Ah of usable battery banks

About the Build

I wanted, for both me and you, to sit down and write out what the goals in the first build out were. I talked briefly in Buying the Van [https://codatory.com/buying-the-van/

Buying the Van

The first step in any van build adventure is picking and buying a van. I’ve been waffling for over a year on what the best van to use would be, and I